Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ehow money making

I'm now on my fourth month writing for Ehow. My earnings are starting to climb up. My first month I cashed out at 11 dollars. My second month was 22 dollars. Last month was 37 dollars. Now I'm already up to 25, and I'm looking to probably hit above the 50 dollar mark this month. Later in the month is when you earn more money. The money really does come in. Now I've only been a member for 4 months(including this one), with already 126 articles written. The secret to making a lot of money, is writing quality articles. I feel my writing definitely should improve, and it has since I've started as time has gone on. Which I'm starting to see in the increase of earnings. Articles that weren't earning are now starting to. The last few days have been a little slow though, hopefully it picks up.

Right now, I'm just taking it easy. Writing one article a day. I'm trying to make it a goal to comment on 50 articles daily from other writers right now. I've found that commenting on friends articles really help a lot. I've always been one to return the favor, when someone takes the time to comment on mine. Now I'm starting to make the extra step on trying to comment on more articles from other members.

Writing on ehow has it's pros and cons. I wouldn't lie about it. I've heard you can make 1000 a month. At first I wasn't sure, but I think it's definitely possible. I'd love to become a member of the 1000 month club. That's a long-term goal. Right now you have to keep your goals realistic. It is hard work writing on ehow. The writing is easy and comes natural, it's promoting that can be time consuming. It's not difficult really. It all becomes routine. At first it all seems very overwhelming. I don't do heavy promoting. I just send each article to the numerous search engine site. I go back and edit articles to fit the google ads, so each one makes a decent amount of money. I'm currently averaging one dollar per article. Close to it anyways.

Building a reputation on ehow is important. That's how you make money. Getting your name out there and becoming well known. Doing this doesn't mean going onto the forums. It's just commenting on friends articles and being a friendly person. Of course it really comes down to is writing good articles. I'm getting better, but I've not hit my stride, or would I call myself an established writer at this time. I'm a learner. I need to set goals each month on what to improve on. Right now it's simple, and that's typos. Proof reading isn't my strongest area, when it's my own work. I tend to skim more, than actually read. My eyes get lazy and it's a habit I'm trying to break. I'm trying to put the extra effort going over typos, or misspelled words. Each article carries a reputation.


  1. Making a nice side income on eHow is actually a very realistic goal, and people have really cashed in by writing on the site. The trouble is that it's really time consuming especially for those who have full time jobs. I dream of leaving the corporate world behind and making a living as a freelance writer/blogger. Cool blog!

  2. Thank you for more helpful details. You will be a member of the $1,000 a month club! It just takes time.

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  3. I write for and I have made money as well, I am thinking after reading your Ehow info that hubpages maybe better...just a thought my friend. I am a friend on your blog, so I definitely like your stuff. Good luck and thanks for the tips.