Thursday, August 6, 2009

Making money with ehow is paying off

I've already made 134 dollars in total off ehow. 53 dollars last month and I've done it rather easily. I've written a total of 154 articles. It seems like a lot, but it really isn't. If you put the time in to write on that site, you can make real good money. Much better than what I've done so far even. Although 134 dollars is definitely not going to be something I can survive on alone, there's a lot of things you can do with that money. Save, pay bills, treat yourself to something nice. That number is nowhere near what I expect it to be in a few months time. If I keep doing solid work, I am going to have a very nice dollar figure rather soon.

This month I've cranked it up a notch. I am going to write two articles a day, and aim for 200 articles. My goal is to make between 75-100 dollars this month. I won't cry a river if I make more obviously, but I don't think that's likely yet. So far, this month has been a tad slow. I'm not even at 10 dollars yet. I'm at 9 dollars currently, so I better pick it up and get going. I've tried writing more challenging topics. It's not always pleasuring, but I think it's helped. Writing is fun, but it can be challenging as well. No hard work, no pleasure I guess.

I really am enjoying the community on ehow as well. There's a lot of nice and helpful members. Everyday you can learn from others, which is why it's nice to interact with other ehow members. Writing for ehow not only is the money pretty good, it's a nice experience. Let's just hope they don't delete anymore of my articles. When they do this, I just wish they'd tell me why. That way I can learn and make the proper adjustments in the future. That's the only real knock that I've had so far. Outside small glitches, but I'm not one to complain about every problem.

Next time I write on my blog, I hope to have reached my 200 articles. I feel things will really take off from there. I am then going to take it a little more easy on ehow and check out some other sites. I'll write my reviews and opinions on them as well.