Thursday, September 24, 2009

Best writing sites for making money online

I'm looking for the best writing sites for making money online. Making money online doesn't come easy, and they're plenty of places that are a waste of time. So I've been experimenting with new sites to make extra money online. The sites I've been hearing a lot of buzz on are hubpages, infobarrel, and Xomba. So far, I've not put enough time on each site to notice much. I like the process on infobarrel much better than ehow. It's important to find a site that is reliable, not just a money making site. Ehow is money making, but they're not honest or trustworthy in anyway.

Ehow is having it's problems. The money is good, yes, currently I'm pulling in over 100 dollars a month. Last month I did get to my goal, this month I should hit my goal as well. Next month I should pull in 200 dollars, depending on ehow. I'm carrying my weight, however they are a different story. That is where the frustration starts to grow. Ehow seems to want to limit our success as much as possible. They've began a new process already for beginners, where articles must be approved before posting. I'm hearing bad reviews on this process already. A lot of new members have complain to making so little, to no money at all. It could just be a glitch, because lord knows that site is filled with them. I only wonder if us veterans are also on borrowed time, before they decide to keep everything for themselves. Articles disappear for no reason at all. They always happen to be money making articles.

Last month I went through ehow's second sweep. Eight articles were removed, ones that seem to make good money on ehow as well. I was lucky, some have had as many as 60 articles removed. The process is ridiculous, and they don't play fair at all. So if you're new to writing, and looking for place to make money, I wouldn't suggest ehow right now. Ehow was a great place to make money online. Was being past tense, for now on I can't count on them as reliable. That is another reason I'm on a mission to find other places to earn money.

For those learning to start off making money, you might want to try blogging. You can make money blogging, although it is not easy at all. It seems like the right way to go. Also check out some of the sites I've looked into, try experimenting for yourselves. I've had heard positive experiences from others who I trust, but for now I can't tell whether it's worth the time or not. Any site takes time, it doesn't come successfully fast. Right now I'm working on building up a lot of backlinks to some of the work I've done, which I'm starting to see an increase in traffic and earnings.

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Making money with ehow is paying off

I've already made 134 dollars in total off ehow. 53 dollars last month and I've done it rather easily. I've written a total of 154 articles. It seems like a lot, but it really isn't. If you put the time in to write on that site, you can make real good money. Much better than what I've done so far even. Although 134 dollars is definitely not going to be something I can survive on alone, there's a lot of things you can do with that money. Save, pay bills, treat yourself to something nice. That number is nowhere near what I expect it to be in a few months time. If I keep doing solid work, I am going to have a very nice dollar figure rather soon.

This month I've cranked it up a notch. I am going to write two articles a day, and aim for 200 articles. My goal is to make between 75-100 dollars this month. I won't cry a river if I make more obviously, but I don't think that's likely yet. So far, this month has been a tad slow. I'm not even at 10 dollars yet. I'm at 9 dollars currently, so I better pick it up and get going. I've tried writing more challenging topics. It's not always pleasuring, but I think it's helped. Writing is fun, but it can be challenging as well. No hard work, no pleasure I guess.

I really am enjoying the community on ehow as well. There's a lot of nice and helpful members. Everyday you can learn from others, which is why it's nice to interact with other ehow members. Writing for ehow not only is the money pretty good, it's a nice experience. Let's just hope they don't delete anymore of my articles. When they do this, I just wish they'd tell me why. That way I can learn and make the proper adjustments in the future. That's the only real knock that I've had so far. Outside small glitches, but I'm not one to complain about every problem.

Next time I write on my blog, I hope to have reached my 200 articles. I feel things will really take off from there. I am then going to take it a little more easy on ehow and check out some other sites. I'll write my reviews and opinions on them as well.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Ehow money making

I'm now on my fourth month writing for Ehow. My earnings are starting to climb up. My first month I cashed out at 11 dollars. My second month was 22 dollars. Last month was 37 dollars. Now I'm already up to 25, and I'm looking to probably hit above the 50 dollar mark this month. Later in the month is when you earn more money. The money really does come in. Now I've only been a member for 4 months(including this one), with already 126 articles written. The secret to making a lot of money, is writing quality articles. I feel my writing definitely should improve, and it has since I've started as time has gone on. Which I'm starting to see in the increase of earnings. Articles that weren't earning are now starting to. The last few days have been a little slow though, hopefully it picks up.

Right now, I'm just taking it easy. Writing one article a day. I'm trying to make it a goal to comment on 50 articles daily from other writers right now. I've found that commenting on friends articles really help a lot. I've always been one to return the favor, when someone takes the time to comment on mine. Now I'm starting to make the extra step on trying to comment on more articles from other members.

Writing on ehow has it's pros and cons. I wouldn't lie about it. I've heard you can make 1000 a month. At first I wasn't sure, but I think it's definitely possible. I'd love to become a member of the 1000 month club. That's a long-term goal. Right now you have to keep your goals realistic. It is hard work writing on ehow. The writing is easy and comes natural, it's promoting that can be time consuming. It's not difficult really. It all becomes routine. At first it all seems very overwhelming. I don't do heavy promoting. I just send each article to the numerous search engine site. I go back and edit articles to fit the google ads, so each one makes a decent amount of money. I'm currently averaging one dollar per article. Close to it anyways.

Building a reputation on ehow is important. That's how you make money. Getting your name out there and becoming well known. Doing this doesn't mean going onto the forums. It's just commenting on friends articles and being a friendly person. Of course it really comes down to is writing good articles. I'm getting better, but I've not hit my stride, or would I call myself an established writer at this time. I'm a learner. I need to set goals each month on what to improve on. Right now it's simple, and that's typos. Proof reading isn't my strongest area, when it's my own work. I tend to skim more, than actually read. My eyes get lazy and it's a habit I'm trying to break. I'm trying to put the extra effort going over typos, or misspelled words. Each article carries a reputation.

Sunday, May 17, 2009

Making money writing online

There's quite a few nice opportunity's to write online and make some decent money. I'll will give you ideas of websites you can join, where you can enjoy writing and earn extra money. Remember, it takes time to start earning a good amount of money. Don't rush, do it because you like writing as well. Slowly start building up a solid rep, and work on one site, then join another.

Write for ehow. Well this is obvious, but this is probably the most enjoyable and great way to make money writing online. It takes time and the key is to write lots of articles, but they got to be well written too. Don't just write junk, otherwise it won't be highly respected and probably won't make you very much. Next three steps I'll tell you how to earn more from ehow with other sites.

Join Xomba. You can write your ehow articles, then post a brief summary of them on Xomba, along with the link to help get more views, WHILE earning money from them as well. You can also use this site to advertise blogs as well, or articles from other sites. You'll need to get a google adsense account, to earn money. It's easy and free, just read their FAQ. Also, to post your ehow articles, blogs, etc, you'll need to post under My Xomblurbs. You can also write articles for them as well.

Join bukisa. Similar to Xomba, you can earn money by writing a short summary of your ehow articles. Also articles from other sites and blogs you can post there as well. Drive more traffic to your sites, while earning from them as well. I'm not yet sold on this site, and haven't really stuck to it much. Not that I think it's bad, I just probably haven't had enough time to really experience much with them.

Join firehow. This is similar to ehow and you can post your ehow articles on here, and make money on this site as well. Just change a few keywords. It's simple and easy. It probably won't generate as much traffic like ehow, but still why not earn more with your articles?

Write for Helium. I've been a member for them for over a month. I have mix feelings about them. My main problem is their rating system is so jacked up. One minute you can be rated number one, then you can be rated rather low. Once you get rated, you can start earning decent money. They pay you multiple of different ways I believe, or so they say. Not a bad site for beginners though. When you join these sites, send links to your other writing sites, along with blogs. It helps.

Write for demand studios. I've not join them, I believe you have to get accepted. I hear they pay quite well though, if accepted. I'm not real familiar with them, but they seem to have a great reputation. Click on the link below if interested.

Join associated content. I joined them about a year ago, but didn't write much. Not because I didn't like them, because I was quite busy and didn't really have time. You can make some good money, if you stick to it. They pay by the view, but I think you can get upfront payments as well. Click on the link below if interested. One million views, means one thousand dollars. They get quite a bit of traffic though.

Join Textbroker. This site does pay, and it pays pretty darn well. I joined and in a day I made 15 dollars pretty easily. You can earn a few dollars just from writing one article. It depends on the demands from the client. I earned 4 dollars for one article. It only took me about 30 minutes. You write on clients request, and some of the articles can be from 100 words, to 400, or more. The more words, the more money. You have to be approved to join, but it's rather easy as long as you can type properly. My only real knock, the writing can get boring pretty fast. You write what a customer wants. They pay you. This is for those who want to earn some money fast. Some of the writing takes some work and a little research though.

Join Similar to Helium I believe, except I hear they pay much better. I've yet to join, I believe you got to be accepted, which I can't think is too hard. I'll probably join this site eventually. I just can't do 10 different sites at once right now.

Join Bright Hub. They turn me down, but you'll need a writing resume to join. If you get accepted, hey, you can make some nice money through them. They are looking for professional writers, but the pay is rather decent.

Join constant content. I've not fooled around too much, but this is similar to Textbroker, accept the pay seems a lot better. You can sell articles you've written on their site, set your own price on them. You can also write for requests and earn some nice money. Join them, read their FAQ. Click on the link blew if you want to join. I'm definitely going to get more active with them, once I get more time on my hands.

Send your articles to search engines on submit express to get more views.

Join vinefire. Okay, I am very skeptical about this site. Here's the run down on them. When you click on links from this site, you earn money. You also can send your own links to their site, and earn four cents anytime someone clicks on them. You can earn up to 100 dollars a day doing this. There's a limit though, if you don't pay their 5 dollar fee. If you decide not to pay it, you only can earn up to 10 dollars a day. Although their rates do change, I can't promise it stays the same. I haven't yet paid it, because I don't trust them. They claim once someone buys their site, they'll start paying. That's the catch, you can't cash out with them yet. They expect at the latest to sell by January 2010. I honestly don't ever expect to be paid, and I really don't care. The thing I am interested in is whether I can drive TONS of traffic to my site through them. So far I'll admit my views have gone up. If you have a blog, or articles from here, you might want to send them to this site. Blogs and articles that are about making money are extremely useful. People will click on them and your views should increase. I'm experimenting with them and I might write a article about them.