Thursday, September 24, 2009

Best writing sites for making money online

I'm looking for the best writing sites for making money online. Making money online doesn't come easy, and they're plenty of places that are a waste of time. So I've been experimenting with new sites to make extra money online. The sites I've been hearing a lot of buzz on are hubpages, infobarrel, and Xomba. So far, I've not put enough time on each site to notice much. I like the process on infobarrel much better than ehow. It's important to find a site that is reliable, not just a money making site. Ehow is money making, but they're not honest or trustworthy in anyway.

Ehow is having it's problems. The money is good, yes, currently I'm pulling in over 100 dollars a month. Last month I did get to my goal, this month I should hit my goal as well. Next month I should pull in 200 dollars, depending on ehow. I'm carrying my weight, however they are a different story. That is where the frustration starts to grow. Ehow seems to want to limit our success as much as possible. They've began a new process already for beginners, where articles must be approved before posting. I'm hearing bad reviews on this process already. A lot of new members have complain to making so little, to no money at all. It could just be a glitch, because lord knows that site is filled with them. I only wonder if us veterans are also on borrowed time, before they decide to keep everything for themselves. Articles disappear for no reason at all. They always happen to be money making articles.

Last month I went through ehow's second sweep. Eight articles were removed, ones that seem to make good money on ehow as well. I was lucky, some have had as many as 60 articles removed. The process is ridiculous, and they don't play fair at all. So if you're new to writing, and looking for place to make money, I wouldn't suggest ehow right now. Ehow was a great place to make money online. Was being past tense, for now on I can't count on them as reliable. That is another reason I'm on a mission to find other places to earn money.

For those learning to start off making money, you might want to try blogging. You can make money blogging, although it is not easy at all. It seems like the right way to go. Also check out some of the sites I've looked into, try experimenting for yourselves. I've had heard positive experiences from others who I trust, but for now I can't tell whether it's worth the time or not. Any site takes time, it doesn't come successfully fast. Right now I'm working on building up a lot of backlinks to some of the work I've done, which I'm starting to see an increase in traffic and earnings.